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Enteral Nutrition for Adult and Pediatric
Patients Direct to Your Home.
Lincare Enteral Services provides you with at-home instruction and set-up for the patient and caregiver. We provide 24/7 availability of a Registered Dietitian. Call us for all your enteral therapy needs at 1-800-965-2689.

Benefits From a Registered Dietitian
If you’re using Lincare’s Enteral Therapy Specialists, then you’re receiving the following services and benefits from a Registered Dietitian:
  • Home enteral nutrition
  • Tube identification
  • Family problem-solving
  • Enteral case management
  • Initial nutrition evaluation
  • Personal delivery of your initial products
  • Education, on-site care, medication administration and flushing
  • Personal visit on day of hospital discharge
  • 24/7 availability for questions or concerns
  • Home visits to ensure compliance with physician's orders
  • Expert assistance in identifying the best plan of treatment for your condition
  • Observation and feedback with respect to signs of intolerance or complications
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